I’m Mario, owner of 7Nine Photography.

Soon after my wife and I began planning our own wedding, I found myself captivated by the concept of telling the story of a couple’s love on the most important day of their life through photography. I like the idea of being able to serve a couple and giving them an experience during their photography sessions along with photos they will cherish for a lifetime. The responsibility of capturing a couple’s love is significant, but I am grateful to be able to take that responsibility and use it as an outlet for serving others.

My joys of life are Jesus, my fantastic wife, and enjoying good food with great friends. The creations of God’s world are what inspire me most, and I love to showcase it in my work. Traveling to Africa, performing a stand-up comedy routine and spending the night in a tiny house are just a few items on my bucket list. Taking a long cruise around the world with all of my favorite people would be my one big purchase if I ever won the lottery.

Growing up traveling the world because of my dad’s job, before my family finally settled in Illinois, has contributed to my great passion for travel as an adult. In fact, my wife and I love to take spur of the moment road trips and learning about the culture and quirks of each new city. Above all, my greatest passion and my life’s devotion is none other than Jesus Christ and doing my best to make others disciples in his name.

Now that you know me, I’m excited to get to know you and your fiancé.

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