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Kimpton Brice Venue Tour: Savannah,GA

Located in the middle of Savannah’s Historic District, The Kimpton Brice Wedding Venue is full of the unique Savannah charm.

The Secret Garden is no doubt the star of the show here. This outdoor space feels intimate and even magical with the stringed cafe lights above and the manicured greens.

A set of double doors lead down a beautiful middle aisle and finally ends at the altar. The aisle alone makes for great photo ops as the bride is making her grand entrance.

The doorways behind the altar can be closed off making it truly feel like a secret garden. You have the option of doubling the garden as a reception space or you can head indoors to the Greene room.

The Greene room at the Kimpton Brice has amazing views of the Secret Garden and lets in so much natural light.

Not even a block away from the Kimpton Brice is Washington Square. Washington Square is one of the historic squares unique to Savannah. You can take your couple, family or bridal party photos in the square or venture off to the river just on the other side of the hotel. The Brice is in the middle of downtown so you’ll have ample opportunities to create unique wedding photos throughout the city.

Another bonus about having your wedding at the Kimpton Brice is your guests can party the night away and safely get to their accommodations. All of your guests can stay in one of Brice’s hotel suites. No long road trips or additional planning required! You can have all your favorite people in one space.

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