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1) It Starts With You!

Every client gets their own Zoom call. I ask you 10-15 questions to get to know your STORY. Some of those questions will look like this:

"What were some qualities about your significant other that made you fall in love?" 


"If you were able to craft a perfect date, what would that look like?"


2) I design a custom approach to your day.

There are so many wonderful things that I learn from the zoom call. My biggest takeaway apart from your STORY will be the way that certain questions I ask provoke different emotions out of the two you. Maybe the way he lights up sharing the moment he first asked you out on a date or maybe the tears that well up in her in eyes when she describes the proposal.

This information is essential for me to be able to best pose, direct and to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding shoot. 


This call provides an authentic peak into your life and allows me the opportunity to know how to creatively approach your wedding day and capture modern romantic photos that tell YOUR STORY in the most authentic way. 


3) Building the Schedule

A few months before the big day we will build the wedding photography schedule.


This phone call is where all the wedding day details are ironed out. From photo locations, photo schedule, and unique details that have significance to your STORY. 


4) Wedding Day

This is the day when all of our hard works really shines.


We have really gotten to know each other and have built trust from our first day of working together. I know exactly who you two are, your STORY, and the things that are most important to you on your wedding day.


I take this knowledge and combine it with my years of experience to bring professionalism, expertise, and creativity into every moment of the wedding day. 


5) Your STORY becomes ART

My editing process is very detailed. I take pride in going through each photo from your day to ensure that my edits better draw the viewer into feeling like they were there for that specific moment showcased in the photo.


I then add my modern romantic touch to every photo so that anyone that sees your photos will know a special moment in your STORY.


Do you want me tell your STORY?

Every year I book a limited number of weddings, so that I can give each client 100% of my focus when telling their STORY.


Your STORY is worth being remembered, and I want to tell it.

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